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Year 9 & 10 Health and Physical Education

As part of the Year 9 and 10 Health and Physical Education Programme, Orewa College is required to provide a course in Sexuality Education to all students. This fulfils Ministry of Education requirements to address students' physical and emotional changes at puberty.

The course aims to provide accurate information and a forum for informal discussion. During this course we will focus on respect for yourself and others. We will cover good decision making, including not engaging in sexual activity at this age and avoiding risk-taking behaviour.

Each class will complete the unit during Term 2. Students work in classes with Health and Physical Education teachers.

Year 9 topics covered include:
Feelings about our bodies
Periods and cycles
Assertive skills
Sexually transmitted infections

Year 10 topics covered include:
What is sexuality?
Healthy relationships
Sexually transmitted infections
Teenage pregnancy
Body image

Although it is hoped that all students will participate, the programme is not compulsory and parents / caregivers may withdraw students by addressing a letter to the Health Coordinator, Mr Preston-Thomas.

Please click here for the curriculum outline: Outline.